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August 18, 2021 6 min read 1 Comment

Top 6 Need to Know Benefits of Malas

Our busy lifestyles can often make us quite aloof from ourselves. To regain this lost peace of mind and inner harmony, we like to turn to practices like meditation and relaxation. These practices act as stepping stones in our journey towards inner enlightenment by helping us focus on ourselves.


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There are many variations of meditation. It's best to choose the practice that suits your needs and complements your personality well. But, no matter which one you opt for, you will find yourself reaping its benefits. For starters, you can try to alter your consciousness and learn more about yourself and those around you. It will also help you develop healthy habits and improve self-discipline. Eventually, you can find yourself in complete peace with yourself and your surroundings. 

But what’s the best way to tap into your spirituality? Well, one answer is Malas! They will be your go-to companions, at home, at work, and everywhere in-between.



Malas are known by many names. They can be called Japamalas, Yoga, or Meditation Beads, or even buddhist prayer beads. Simply put, they are strands of beads that can enhance your spiritual practices, keep your brain focused, or even just give you something to do with your hands.

Essentially, they are spiritual tools that also act as trackers. You can count your breaths and track sun salutations, yoga poses, mantras or other affirmations using them. 

Wearing them will also add to your sense of style. Using malas helps you find and remain rooted in your most unique and authentic self. A little secret; they also help further your dreams, intentions, and manifestations.


This Mala Or That? Which One To Choose?

There are multiple types of Malas - Full 108 bead malas that resemble a necklace, half double wrap malas, and wrist mala bracelets. Necklace malas are the most common, but our community absolutely loves our wrist mala bracelets as well.


Typically, traditional necklace malas have 108 beads and an additional central one as the largest ‘guru’ bead. While Half malas simply have 54 beads,wrist malas have an interesting feature! The number of beads in them (which is generally a multiple of 9) can be numerically multiplied to obtain 108. But, why 108? Let's take a look!


Why 108?

Vedic, Yogic, Varma Kalai and Buddhist traditions consider108 to be an extremely powerful number. It is widely regarded as a symbol of your spiritual completion. It is described to be the numerical equivalent of ‘Om’; the most important sound in spiritual practices. 

The role this number plays in the Buddhist tradition is momentous. 108 represents the number of mortal desires of mankind that you must overcome to achieve Nirvana. It represents complete harmony between your inner true self and your external environment; your physical body and the vital forces of life. 


A Fascinating Dichotomy!

While we’ve stressed on the importance of 108, here’s a rather intriguing anomaly- the ‘Guru’ bead! It also happens to be known as the ‘Meru Bead’ or the ‘Mountain Bead’. This bead becomes the 109th bead in your mala and isn’t counted as a part of the other 108 prayer beads.  

Oftentimes, you’ll find a tassel connected to the end of this bead which marks the beginning and end points of your malas. This special bead is believed to hold onto all the energy that is generated during your spiritual practice. Most importantly, it is very helpful for you to set and seal the intention for your practice.


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Generally, the beads used in malas are wood, seeds, or gemstones. Some of the most popular options you will come across are:

 If you’re lucky, you can even get your hands on malas made with:

We don't think you can never have too many malas, since each one of them has its unique symbolism and specific subtle energy.


Why Malas, though? What Are Their Benefits?

Now, this is where you can get creative! Finding the right combination of seeds or stones, intentions and mantras will enhance your spiritual journey to a great extent. Here are some important ways in which malas supplement your meditation practices:


Stress Reduction and Improved Physical Health

Meditation is a fantastic way to relieve your stress and improve your well-being. It is believed that when you use malas while meditating, yourblood pressure gets regulated and your heart rate reduces. This, in turn, helps you achieve well-rounded mindfulness. 

It improves your breathing and brings calmness to your mind. The goodness doesn’t end here! It is said that it also increases the blood flow to your brain and improves its general functioning. In the long run, meditation may also make your heart healthier and regulate your bodily functions.

 Over time, you could see that you can redirect your focus away from your daily worries and concentrate on forming positive thought patterns. Additionally, It is believed that when you use mala beads to count your mantras, you can make your brain sharper and even try to delay the onset of cognitive decline


Mindful Breathing and Soul-Soothing

Malas act as the right cues to help you control your breathing while meditating.  You can use these beads to track when to inhale and exhale; to improve and regulate your breath spans. Doing this will help you soothe your mind and let you make deep connections between your mind, body, and soul. Since it calms your mind, it allows you to delve further into achieving a peaceful state of mind and obtaining mindfulness


Channelize the Flow of Energy

The power of touch is very important for malas to do their magic. 

You can hold them in your palms or even wear them around your neck to channelize your energy. When you do this, it is believed the flow of energy is directed to yourChakras, or energy points. This will, in turn, allow you to align your energies and help you communicate with the forces around you. 

 Always remember to just go with the flow! It will let your energies remind you of the path you should take while empowering you to make bold decisions!


Increased Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

We’ve all heard that self-empowerment is the pathway to inner peace and increased stability. By using mala beads in mindful meditation, you come one step ahead in your journey to enlightenment. It is known to give you a better sense of self and encourage you to accept yourself. 

 Besides, it motivates you as a reminder of your personal growth in the event of achieving alife purpose. Keeping malas with accomplished intentions in your living space can uplift your overall well being. During rough times, they can duly guide you to the light of victory yet again. 


Improved Sense of Community and Unity

Wearing a mala or using mala beads can create a feeling of belonging within you. Structurally, each bead in a mala is intimately connected to the others by the string. Now, this is believed to be symbolic of your intimate connection to other beings and the forces of nature. They remind us that every one of us is a special and unique individual. But, when we come together, we are united and much stronger. 


Deep-Rooted Grounding Energy and Healing Properties

As mentioned above, the nature of your mala beads is a source of power. Each material, itself, can provide you energy, spiritual grounding and healing reminders. These mystic reminders boost your body and mind. This is why the right beads, gemstones and mantras are very important to set your intentions. This step will help you strengthen your practices & purposes. 


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Take Your First Step Towards Spiritual Enlightenment 

You'll soon find that the choice range for malas is quite vast. It can make the entire process overwhelming.Always remember to let your energies guide you!  We would also be happy to help.  Please feel free to chat with us on the site, give us a call at 800-886-5551, or send us an email at  We are happy to help you find exactly what it is you are looking for.

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