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8 inch Fine Quality Amitabha


This beautiful bronze statue is cast using the Lost Wax method, with gold painting.  The painted details on this Amitabha Buddha's face are beautiful.  We hand select these statues one-at-a-time from a family in Nepal who have been statue-makers for dozens of generations.  Bottom is removable for consecration.

Amitabha is the chief Buddha of the Lotus family. He emanates ruby red light which symbolizes love and compassion. His radiance warms and pacifies the hearts of all who gaze at him. He represents gentleness and openness. His posture portrays compassion and stillness and he wears a serene smile on his face. Amitabha sits in the aspect of meditating, encouraging the viewer to “subdue one’s mind.”

Statue measures about 8 inches tall.