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An Unparalleled Modern 9 Eye True Agate Dzi Bead


This very large and beautiful bead is just in from Nepal where it was handpicked by Sander Cohen. This 54 by 11 mm bead has incredible colors and details. I love the light carmel colored ends.

We just received a shipment of the best modern dzi beads I have ever seen in 20 years of collecting. These beads are so good they look like the ancient beads being sold for $30,000 right now. Stunning in depth and clarity, we took these beads around the Tucson gem show and jaws hit the floor, they are exceptional. You can see agate banding under the designs and the beads are perfectly made.

Sourced in Tibetan communities in Kathmandu, I have just a few of these exquisite quality beads that i will list singly here on the website