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Ancient Longevity Dzi Bead

  • This exquisite ancient Dzi bead was hand picked by DharmaShop founder, Sander Cohen, in Nepal.  It is extremely old and incredibly rare.
  • It features a longevity design with gorgeous coloring. The darkening at the one end with a caramel color at the other makes this a very attractive bead.  As you can see from the photos, it is full of incredible detail and history.
  • The age of this Dzi is estimated to be between 1000 BCE to 300 CE.

Over the last 19 years, DharmaShop founder Sander Cohen has been collecting Dzi and Chung beads in all price ranges.  In the past 5-7 years, prices of Dzi beads have gone sky-high and many original ancient beads are selling for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and more!

Dzi beads are believed to bring protection and prosperity to the wearer.  The longevity Dzi features a dark tortoise shell pattern and is also referred to as a "turtle back" Dzi.  This design represents a long and happy life.  It is known to improve health and healing while protecting from sickness and negativity.

Bead measures approximately 1 inch by 0.5 inch.  Due to the exclusive nature of this item, we will contact you regarding shipping.