Black Bone and Dzi Bead Mala


A beautiful 9-eyed true agate modern Dzi bead adorns this bold 108 bead mala necklace.  The 9-eyed Dzi shows beautiful bloodspots and agate banding.  Mala also features black water buffalo bone beads with beautiful polished bone lotus Dzi spacers.  It is finished with red cord and black bone beads.

The 9-eyed Dzi bead assists its owner in achieving good health, as well as gaining power, compassion, and glory.  It acts as a protector, expelling evil.  It is one of the most sought after Dzi beads, believed to represent the 9 planetary systems and its essence.

The message of the lotus flower is to remind us that beauty can grow and thrive even in the worst conditions.  A lotus Dzi bead possesses the power to purify the mind and heart, leading to a more calm and clear mind.

Mala measures approximately 29 inches around.  Water buffalo bone beads are about 8mm.  Lotus Dzi beads are approximately 14mm long and 10mm wide.  9-eyed Dzi is 2 1/4 inch long and about 1/2 inch thick.  Handmade in Nepal.