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Buddha and Nature Mala

  • This mala necklace features beautiful green chalcedony beads from Australia alongside of dark rosewood from Thailand, and a handmade reconstituted turquoise Shakyamuni Buddha pendant from Nepal.
  • We love the beautiful and soothing mix of the green chalcedony, that are so full of color that they almost look like a landscape painting, and the natural rosewood.
  • Wearing or meditating with this mala will have you feeling connected to the Buddha and to nature.

The Shakyamuni Buddha was a spiritual master who lived and taught in modern day India and Nepal.  Shakyamuni taught others to be awakened to the true nature of reality and freed from suffering.

Associated with the Heart Chakra, rosewood is known for its compassionate and healing energies.  It is a protective wood that helps to defend against negative energy and support spiritual healing.

Green chalcedony releases negativity and helps you stay grounded.  It offers protection and encourages growth and positivity.  It can help in connecting you with the earths energy.

Mala measures approximately 34 inches around with an adjustable knot.  Beads are 8mm.  Pendant is about 1 inch.