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Calming Ocean Waves Bracelet

  • This bracelet is made with ocean blue matte azurite beads from Brazil, Czech glass spacers, and a silver-plated charm with two sides.
  • One side of the charm displays an image of waves, while the other includes the alchemical symbol for water.
  • It looks great on it's own and even better in a stack of your favorite bracelets and malas.

Water is an element of emotion and spirituality.  It can serve as a symbol for purification, healing and protection.  In Buddhism, water represents purity, clarity and calmness.

Azurite is known for its soothing blue color which stimulates the Third Eye Chakra to help awaken your intuition.  It is a great stone for meditation and relaxation, helping to relieve stress and open the mind.  Wearing this bracelet will remind you of the calming sounds of the sea.

Bracelet measures approximately 6.25 inches around on stretchy cord.  Beads are 6mm.  Charm is about 0.5 inch.  Handmade right here at the DharmaShop!