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Dragon's Blood and Pyrite Wrist Mala with Charm


This limited edition wrist mala is designed to help harmonize your root chakra.  Dragon's blood and pyrite beads are hand strung with an intricate charm, featuring Ganesh on one side and the Om symbol on the other.  Pyrite is cool to the touch and contrasts nicely with the dragon blood beads.

Your root chakra, located at the base of your spine, establishes the deepest connections with your physical body and the Earth.  It is your survival center.  Dragon's blood energy carries the purity of blood and inherently speaks of life and birth, vitality and strength, passion and courage.  Wear or carry it to increase mental clarity and to aid in decision-making.  Pyrite is masculine in nature, a stone of action, vitality and will, and taps into one’s abilities and potential, stimulating the flow of ideas. It brings confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion.

We have a very limited quantity of these!  Wrist mala features 23 beads, 8mm.  Charm is about 15mm tall with bale and 12mm wide.  Measures approximately 6 inches around on stretchy cord and fits almost any wrist size.