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Emerald Lotus Earrings



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  • Handmade in a fair-trade workshop in Nepal, these lotus flower post earrings are made of hand cast hypoallergenic brass with sterling silver posts.
  • A faceted emerald green onyx stone glistens against the brass lotus.
  • Emerald green is a color that represents balance and harmony.  It is associated with nature, freshness, and renewal.

In many cultures, the lotus flower represents purity and peace, blooming through the mud.  As it grows out of and sits on top of muddy waters, the lotus symbolizes wisdom, compassion, and healing.

Green onyx is a Heart Chakra stone with a soothing and relaxing energy.  It is a symbol of purity and relates to love, friendship, and positivity.

Earrings measure approximately 0.75 inch tall and 0.8 inch wide.