Endless Adventure Bracelet

  • This bracelet brings together materials that DharmaShop founders, Sander and Christy Cohen, sourced on their trip to Taiwan and Nepal together in October of 2019.
  • Christy hand strung this bracelet with gorgeous dyed carnelian beads from Kathmandu that feature a unique crackle finish.  A gold-plated Eternal Knot charm from Taiwan finishes the bracelet.
  • As the first prototype of this bracelet was created in Nepal, it traveled the world with Sander and Christy.  They were able to carry it with them on their trip, exploring Kathmandu along the way.

Carnelian is a Sacral Chakra stone that promotes confidence and creativity, giving you the courage to make positive life choices.  It is believed to protect the wearer from negativity and restore self-esteem and happiness.

The Endless, or Eternal Knot has special meaning throughout many cultures and can serve as a reminder of interconnectedness and unity.  It is one of the 8 Auspicious Symbols that represents the intertwining of wisdom and compassion.  Because it has no beginning or end, the knot is also symbolic of Buddha's never-ending wisdom. 

Bracelet measures approximately 6.75 inches around on stretchy cord.