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Four Elements Healing Incense Set

A Great Value!  This naturally healing Four Elements Incense set is an amazing value - $48 worth of incense for only $30!
  • With this special selection of 4 Himalayan incense you can sample a variety of scents for meditation and healing, along with scents for the afternoon or evening.
  • Each of the Four Elements are represented with its own scent and purpose.  They promote natural healing as they are all made from natural herbs.
  • A colorful hand printed cotton bag and small wooden burner is included with each style that contains 19 sticks measuring about 7 inches long.

WIND - A Healing Blend:  A blend of Agar-31 with many curative properties including relieving stress, tension and depression.  Recommended for burning during loss of concentration.  Made with an organic blend of 31 Himalayan herbs including Agar and Spikenard.

EARTH - Good Afternoon Incense:  Made of traditional Himalayan herbs specially blended to promote clarity, concentration and energy renewal.  Also good for air freshening.  Many yogis have used this incense recipe during the day for relief of tiresome mental works.  Made with an organic blend of 42 Himalayan herbs with Cedarwood and Ghanten Khampa.

WATER - A Meditation Blend:  Surrender your tension to soothing and mind-purifying Himalayan and Tibetan scents of nature.  Recommended to burn during meditation to promote clarity and calm.  Made with an organic blend of 55 Himalayan herbs including Juniper Berry and Chamomile.

FIRE - Good Evening Incense:  Himalayan herbs are blended according to ancient yogic traditions to foster clarity while dreaming.  Recommended to use for relaxation during the day or in the evening before sleep.  Made with an organic blend of 35 Himalayan herbs including Red and White Sandalwood.