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Insect with Bat & Striped Dzi Mala

  • A spectacular one-of-a-kind garnet mala with three incredible true agate Dzi beads from our DharmaShop personal collection.
  • It features one of the most unique Dzi beads we have ever seen - an Insect with Bat design. This is the only bead we've ever carried with this special design.  Also includes two striped Dzi beads on either side of the mala.
  • Each gorgeous garnet bead is separated by brass spacers, making this mala great for meditation practice.

Referred to as the Insect Dzi bead, this design looks like a two headed insect and is often featured with the Bat design on the opposite side.  Tibetans believe that this Dzi helps to focus your mind on healing and healthy attitudes.  As a bat navigates in the dark, this motif is believed to help the owner navigate through change or new beginnings without fear or stress.  This Dzi is said to bring prosperity and longevity.

Dzi beads with 3 stripes represent multiple fortunes to be gained by the owner.  If powered by love of ones self, this bead can offer a great journey.  These striped Dzi feature beautiful agate banding and visible cinnabar dots known as bloodspots.

A stone of commitment, Red Garnet represents love.  As a Root Chakra stone, Garnet is said to be excellent for manifestation.  It is used to ground one's dreams in reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, and realization of those dreams.

Mala measures approximately 40 inches around with an adjustable knot underneath the Dzi.  Insect Dzi measures about 1.6 inches long.  Striped Dzi are about 0.75 inch.