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Jeweled One of a Kind Vajrasattva Statue


This Vajrasattva statue is handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by a 5th generation crafting family.  Each statue is made using the lost wax method, which takes considerable time and skill.  After bronze casting each statue is hand detailed and carved by master craftsmen.  It is silver plated and the robes are hand tiled and jeweled.

Vajrasattva represents purification. He has the ability to extinguish spiritual impurities like negative karmic forces and tendencies in order to help sentient beings to a better rebirth or to reaching enlightenment. He is seen as always holding a thunderbolt (vajra) and a hand bell (ghanta). The thunderbolt acts as a tool with the ability to cut any substance, yet it cannot be cut itself. The hand bell symbolizes wisdom and compassion and the unity of the two, which is essential to reach enlightenment.

Measures approximately 13 inches tall.