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Karmapa Dream Flag

  • The 16th Karmapa, well known for his visions and prophesies, designed this flag from a vision that come to him in a dream.  He announced, "Wherever this banner is flown, the Dharma will expand."
  • Historically, the Karmapa's predictions have been correct.
  • We proudly display our Dream flag outside of our offices in order to share the Dharma with everyone who passes by.

Blue represents the sky and yellow represents the earth.  The wave represents the Dharma penetrating heaven and earth.  The symmetry of the wave pattern shows the interdependence of the absolute and relative levels of reality, as well as the union of compassion and wisdom.

This bright blue and yellow cotton flag is hemmed around the edges for long life.  It includes a full-length pocket on the yellow side of the flag for a traditional flag pole and features ties as another option for mounting.

Flag measures approximately 50 by 29 inches.  Made of 100% hemmed cotton in Nepal.