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Modern Natural Carnelian


It's easy to see why these ancient beads are so collectable, you can get lost looking at the natural banding and the transition from one color to the next. This bead is modern, in that it was recently made into a bead, the stone is ancient and the markings are natural not manmade. You can tell the bead is made recently as it is so shiny and not dulled by years of use. I found this in a collection I recnently bought and I have a lot like it. I will be selling these beads one at a time on the site.

Antique dzi beads now start at $6000 per bead.... luckily etched carnelians are still affordable to the general public, this ancient etched carnelian is really beautiful and one of a kind.

42 by 16mm. 1mm holes. One of a kind sourced in Kathmandu Nepal