Annapurna Turquoise Tibetan Necklace



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Stunning traditional Tibetan style bib necklace handmade by Karma Dolma in Nepal.  A colorful statement piece, it looks great with a casual outfit or dressed up!  Perfect for summer time.  Necklace features inlaid coral and turquoise stones inside hand carved silver-plated brass work.  Hook and loop for secure closure.

Turquoise encourages growth, development, and positive change within one's life.  It is especially useful for clearing the Throat Chakra, and blockages of suppressed self-expression.  Coral symbolizes life and blood force energy; it is the stone of transformation and peace.  Coral also attracts love and prosperity, particularly red coral, which is a stone of passion.

* Because each necklace is made carefully by hand, silver, stone, or bead shape/size may vary slightly. 

Measures approximately 18 inches around.