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Petrified Wood Bracelet from the Earth

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  • A DharmaShop exclusive, this bracelet is made of stunning petrified wood beads from Madagascar, copper spacers, and a copper double-sided Om and lotus charm.
  • Because it is from the earth and was once organic material, petrified wood is known for its strong grounding properties and calming energies.
  • Wearing this bracelet can fill you with feelings of ease, stability, and encouragement.

Petrified wood occurs when wood is fossilized and turned into stone.  The beautiful colors that you see in this stone are made by the different minerals that have replaced the woods structure.  The petrified wood mined in Madagascar is said to have been deposited over 200 million years ago!

Bracelet measures approximately 6.5 inches around on stretchy cord.  Beads are about 10-11mm, charm is about 0.75 inch.