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Power Yoga Gift Set


The Power Yoga Gift Set is a great gift for yourself or the yogi in your life.  Each item is hand picked by the DharmaShop team, made in Nepal, wrapped, and ready to gift.  This is the perfect set for gift-giving season.  A $49 value!


Gift set includes:

1. A best-selling book, Tantrik Yoga, which is an account of an authentic yoga system recommended by eminent yogis.  From original Sanskrit texts.

2. Handmade, fair-trade Yogi Sandalwood Soap from the women's group Wild Earth in Nepal.  Filled with rich Ayurvedic herbs traditionally used by yogis, this soap inspires inner journeys of reverie through the simple act of bathing with awareness.

3.  Yoga Floral Incense that are 100% natural with no artificial fragrance.  Incense are packed into handmade lokta paper and decorated with a Himalayan flower.  A true gift of nature.

4.  Our ceramic Om Incense Burner with 2 spaces for larger Tibetan incense and 2 spaces for Indian and Japanese incense.  Great for smaller spaces!