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Protective Dzi and Matte Onyx Men's Bracelet


This simple and strong design includes a 9-eyed faux dzi bead centerpiece with four matte onyx beads on either side.  It's hand strung on black cord with a section of knots tied in between each bead, and includes two matte onyx toggle beads.

The nine-eyed dzi bead assists its owner in gathering wealth, achieving good health and success, as well as gaining power, compassion, and glory.  It acts as a protector, expelling evil.  Nine-eyed dzi is one of the most sought after, believed to represent the 9 planetary systems and its essence.  This dzi is touted as a window to wisdom.

Onyx is worn to defend negative energy that is directed at you; it fortifies self confidence and responsibility.  It stabilizes, heals, and strengthens your root chakra so you may become more grounded and productive in the physical world.

Adjustable bracelet measures approximately 8 inches around when fully opened, and tightens to about 6 inches.  Dzi bead measures approximately 30mm long and 10mm thick.  Matte onyx beads are 8mm.  Handmade in Nepal.