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Pure Tranquility Amazonite Mala

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  • 108 bead DharmaShop exclusive mala made with beautiful sky blue matte amazonite beads from Brazil and a handcrafted turquoise and sterling silver pendant from Nepal.
  • Wearing this mala will allow the turquoise stones powers of love, communication, and healing to flow through your entire being.
  • The light blue beads give off a tranquil and relaxing energy. 

Amazonite is known for its soothing powers.  Blue amazonite helps to calm the nervous system by dispelling negative energy.  It is considered a stone of happiness.

A master healer, turquoise encourages growth, development, and positive change within one's life.  It is a useful stone for all chakras, but is especially powerful for clearing the Throat Chakra and blockages of suppressed self-expression.

Mala measures approximately 27 inches around.  Beads are about 6mm.  Pendant measures 1.3 inches tall from bale and is about 0.75 inch wide.  *As each pendant is handmade, style or shape of stone may vary slightly - please let us choose.*