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Sardonyx Fire Agate Mala



  • Red Sardonyx Agate has grown in popularity over the last year both in our office and with our customers!  This handcrafted 108 bead mala is made in Nepal using powerful Sardonyx stones.
  • There is something so alluring about Sardonyx and its variations; each bead is unique and contains its own colorful stone pattern and inclusions that remind us of a fires glowing embers.
  • Fire is active energy; it often represents feelings of warmth, movement, and spiritual radiance.  Spiritually, fire can symbolize transformation and rebirth.

Sardonyx is known to be a mixture of Carnelian and Onyx, therefore it takes on properties from each of those stones.  It is a stone of protection and strength while promoting happiness, courage and creativity.  Sardonyx can encourage you to strive for a meaningful existence full of self-confidence and hope.

Mala measures approximately 33 inches around with an adjustable knot.  Beads are 8mm, guru bead is 10mm.