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Wheel of Life Tibetan Astrology Prayer Flags

  • Designed by the DharmaShop and handmade exclusively for us by prayer flag artisans in Kathmandu.
  • Each flag features a beautifully detailed Tibetan astrology calendar.
  • The Tibetan calendar and astrology is very important to the everyday life of Tibetans to ensure that their daily activities are in tune with the cosmos.

The Tibetan calendar is unique and lunar based.  Astrology is very important in Tibetan culture and is used to set dates for various Buddhist ceremonies and helps to provide guidance for major decisions.  It follows natural cycles of time, the seasons and the planets, and is associated with enhancing physical and emotional balance.

Set includes 10 flags that measure about 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide.  Full string is approximately 6 feet long.  Made of cotton.