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Tree of Life Leaves Basil Incense



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  • The Tree of Life symbolizes many things including wisdom, protection, strength, and beauty. 
  • Leaves symbolize peace and prosperity. Just like the leaves of a tree, we are all different in shapes, color, texture and more.  Although we are all individual, together we are living beings on this earth that are connected and can coexist peacefully.
  • Made with a combination of holy Basil and Himalayan herbs that are ideal for meditation as they promote positive energy and clarity.

Holy Basil is believed to help the body deal with stress as it is known to have an uplifting effect.  The herbal scent can purify the atmosphere and encourage concentration of mind.

Available individually or in the set of 4 Tree of Life Incense Gift Set!

Recyclable package measures about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.  Includes about 30 sticks and a small wooden burner.  Handmade in Nepal.