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Fly Your Wishes Prayer Flags

  • Our Windhorse Wish prayer flags allow you to write down your own personal wishes and send them into the wind!
  • They feature a Windhorse design along with the mantra of compassion, Om Mani Padme Hum.
  • In addition to your personal wishes, they also carry with them a wish of happiness for all humans and animals.

Customizing these flags can be a fun activity to do at home, in a classroom, or even a yoga studio!  We've had many teachers reach out to buy these flags for their students.  Write a message and hang these flags to send your prayers and wishes into the winds!

Tibetans believe that the prayers and mantras will be blown upwards as an offering to their deities and will bring fortune, happiness, and good health to all who hang them and are touched by the wind.

Set includes 10 flags that measure about 10 by 8 inches.  Full strand measures about 8 feet long.  Made of polyester.