Yogi Mountain Forest Soap


Our new handmade soap line is here!  This March we visited the incredible team at Wild Earth in Nepal.  Their mission is to create an all natural product and empower women in the process.  Their work flow is beautiful.  Working from an open and airy home outside of Kathmandu, a team of women create each batch of soap by hand using traditional Tibetan and Nepalese ingredients.

Yogis in ancient India traditionally lived in wild forests and jungles, bathing in streams and waterfalls.  Mud, grains, flour and ash were often used to exfoliate and cleanse the skin.  Filled with rich Ayurvedic herbs traditionally used by yogis, our Yogi Mountain Forest Soap inspires inner journeys of reverie through the simple act of bathing with awareness.  May you bathe in the delight of your own pure awareness!
Soap measures approximately 2x2 inches and is about 1 inch thick.  Handmade in Nepal.