Yogini Jasmine Soap


Our new handmade soap line is here!  This March we visited the incredible team at Wild Earth in Nepal.  Their mission is to create an all natural product and empower women in the process.  Their work flow is beautiful.  Working from an open and airy home outside of Kathmandu, a team of women create each batch of soap by hand using traditional Tibetan and Nepalese ingredients.

Pamper yourself with Wild Earth's Jasmine Soap with its sweet sensuous aroma.  In ancient South Indian devotional poetry, the lingering scent of jasmine is symbolic of the divine.  With Jasmine, the 'queen of flowers', get a royal treatment at home and let the smooth lather glide down your skin.  The refreshing fragrance of jasmine is emblematic as the sign of springtime in India and the Himalayas.
Soap measures approximately 2x2 inches and is about 1 inch thick.  Handmade in Nepal.