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5 Roll Set of Mixed Deity Tibetan Prayer Flags


This set includes 5 polyester prayer flag rolls with 10 sheets of flags per roll - a great value!  Package consists of 50 flags in total that are entirely handmade using wooden block prints.  For extra durability and strength, we have now added nylon strings to the flags.  This provides additional elasticity and much stability, allowing the prayer flags to sway freely.

The mantras, symbols, and prayers featured in a traditional prayer flag reflect the belief that a horse is as fast as the wind.  It carries the three flaming jewels along with it - symbolizing Buddha, The Dharma, and the Sangha, which are the three cornerstones of Tibetan tradition.  The prayers written on the flag are carried by the wind and your own mind to all as a blessing.  By viewing the flags, you are reminded to pray for the welfare of people and to be mindfully motivated to be kind, compassionate, as well as stay joyful throughout the day.

Each flag features it's own design -  Blue is Peace: a Windhorse.  Green is Prosperity: Tara.  Red is Compassion: Chenrezig.  White is Purification: Vajrasattva Shakti.  Yellow is Knowledge: Guru Padmasambhava. 

Set includes 5 strands of flags with 10 flags per strand.  Each flag measures approximately 8 1/2 by 7 inches; one full strand is about 7 feet long.  Handmade of polyester in Nepal.