A Collection of Very Old Tarvati Singing Bowls

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  • Sold Individually.  We've received a collection of exquisite old bowls from a collector and reseller of Tibetan bowls.  DharmaShop founder, Sander Cohen, has known the seller for over a decade and his bowls are among the finest available.
  • These are all around 4 to 5 inches in diameter and about 2 to 3 inches deep.  Each bowl is totally unique and weighs about 8-12 oz.
  • This product listing is for one individual old bowl from the exquisite set.

A note from Sander - I have recently had a change of opinion about the age of these bowls.  I have never been comfortable with the term "antique," as many sellers try to convince people that bowls are from the 15th or 16th century, which I believe is false.  After seeing much of the data that has come back over the years, I do think these bowls predate the Chinese occupation.  Many of them have been dated back hundreds of years.  I still prefer to sell bowls by quality, rather than for their age, and only choose remarkable bowls by hand.

Sound recording serves as an example of an Old Taravati Singing Bowl.  Each bowl has its own unique tone as well as antique physical characteristics.  Each bowl comes with a soft wood striker.  Bowls sold individually.  All sound recordings are made by striking a bowl once with our Handcrafted Red Wool Mallet.

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Steven Sheldon

Wow. Just...Wow

It was a hard pull to spend $90 (with discount) on a bowl, but when I hit it for the first time I was amazed. The bowl has an antique ‘used’ look that I love, and the sound...the sound! A clear high, vibrating tone that seems to last forever. Seriously, I strike my bowl on the inbreath and the tone lasts throughout the in and out breath. And I’m not talking short breaths here. $90 was an absolute bargain for this masterpiece!!

Travis G.
United States

Wonderful bowl along with great service

This is my first singing bowl, which I will use to begin and end our prayer group times. The service was wonderful. I asked for the F tone I liked while listening to the tone of another singing bowl in the collection and the Dharma shop sent the perfect one for me to use with a wonderful tone that I love. It is beautiful with a simple design. Thank you team!Now, I need to practice and to learn more about the use of our lovely bowl.

Elizabeth Renee

Alchemical sounds!

I bought this one after reading about it in a newsletter. I had been inspired by the quality of the Therapy singing bowl I just bought from Dharmashop. I spent quite a lot of time listening to the bowls on the site before selecting companions for it. This bowl was significantly smaller, but I didn’t expect the therapy bowl to be as big as it was. The tone and the feel it emanates conjures an alchemical energy that truly makes this a special piece. I hope more will be available some time in the future when I would like to order another.

Sean P

Beautiful Simplicity

I purchased one of these bowls as an addition to my singing bowl collection and am wonderfully pleased. The bowl is simple and beautiful with a crisp and unique sound. I find it very interesting and special to own a bowl that has the age it does and when using it, I find it uniquely pleasing to have in my hand an item that has moved through time and been held by others. It is a cool experience to hold, interact, listen and feel the sound and presence of the bowl knowing that I am part of a long path of seeking peace. I have shared it with friends who were amazed at the simplicity of it’s beauty and who found it’s sound to be spiritually peaceful. I made no request to dharma shop as to what type of bowl to receive and let the universe choose it for me. The karma of that action found me humbly blessed with the bowl I received. It is a true source of peace in my practice. Namaste

James G.
United States

Exactly what I was looking

Exactly what I was looking for. Overall experience was very good.

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