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Ancient Sardonyx Bead

  • This rare ancient sardonyx bead comes from DharmaShop founder, Sander Cohen's curated collection of specialty beads from Nepal and Taiwan.
  • Ancient beads like this one, made from carnelian, sardonyx, or agate, were often used not only for decoration, but also as protection amulets to shield the wearer from negativity or evil.
  • The age of this sardonyx bead is estimated to be between 600 and 1,000 years old.  Hand strung at the DharmaShop on an adjustable gold-filled chain.

The alternating bands of beautiful sardonyx coloring are formed due to the porosity of the bead.  This variety and color banding is what makes this bead so special!  The bead also features some small chips on each side near the drill holes.  These chips are considered auspicious and are a reflection of the beads age and authenticity.

Sardonyx is known to be a mixture of carnelian and onyx, therefore it takes on properties from each of those stones.  It is a stone of protection and strength while promoting optimism, courage and creativity.  Sardonyx can encourage you to strive for a meaningful existence full of self-confidence and hope.

Adjustable necklace measures approximately 22 inches around and can be tightened as desired.  Bead measures about 0.5 inch long and 0.3 inch wide.