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Auspicious Bell & Dorje Set with Case

  • There is only one man in Nepal that makes these amazing bell and dorjes with copper case.  We are only able to source a handful of these pieces each year.
  • The set includes a 7 metal bell with a clear tone and exquisite carving along with an 8 pronged dorje.  It comes inside of a handcrafted metal case carved with amazing detail.
  • The case is handmade with brass and copper.  It features an image of Garuda and double dorje designs along with the Eight Auspicious Symbols.

In Buddhism, the 8 symbols represent offerings the gods made to the Buddha after his enlightenment.  It is believed that each of these symbols have powers to bring blessings.  Symbolically, a dorje represents the 'thunderbolt of enlightenment.'

The hollow of the bell symbolizes the wisdom cognizing emptiness.  The clapper represents the sound of emptiness.  The eight lotus petals on the bell are the four mothers and four goddesses, and the vase represents the vase containing the nectar of accomplishment.  Paired with the dorje, the bell represents wisdom.  As wisdom and method are an undivided unity, so the dorje and bell are never parted or employed separately.

The case measures approximately 7.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide.  Bell measures about 7 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide.  Dorje is about 4.5 inches.