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Auspicious Symbols Etched Singing Bowl

  • An incredible etched Tibetan singing bowl with an amazing amount of detail and a special contrasting finish.  It features the 8 Auspicious Symbols, a mandala design with Om in the center, and a double dorje.
  • Handcrafted in Kathmandu, this limited collection is entirely hand hammered and polished.  After the bowls are crafted, the designs are carefully etched one at a time by a master Tibetan thangka painting artist.
  • The unique shape and heavier weight of this bowl allow for a truly beautiful tone.  It has a low profile shape with thin walls and a wide diameter.  Made with a heavy blend of the traditional metals, it shows and sings beautifully.

The outside of the bowl depicts the 8 Auspicious Symbols.  In Buddhist legend, the 8 symbols represent offerings the gods made to the Buddha after his enlightenment.  It is believed that each of these symbols have powers to bring blessings for which people include these in paintings, textiles, homes, and wherever else possible.

On the inside you will see a mandala, a geometrical design often used for meditation.  It has the symbol of Om in the center, which considered the most sacred mantra.  It is an amazing tool that all people of all faiths can utilize to bring focus and awareness to the greater meaning of life.

The bottom of the bowl features a double dorje design that represents that which cannot be destroyed, but which destroys all evil.  It is considered an emblem of protection.

Bowl measures approximately 10.5 inches in diameter and about 4.5 inches tall.  Comes with a traditional wooden striker.  Mallet pictured available separately.

Sounds great and recorded with ouHandcrafted Red Wool Mallet!