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Baltic Amber Striped Dzi Bracelet

  • This bright and bold Dzi bead bracelet looks amazing on both men and women.
  • Wear it alone for a simple statement or stack it with some of your favorite DharmaShop wrist malas!  
  • Bracelet features incredible true baltic amber beads from Poland with a striped true agate modern Dzi bead centerpiece on stretchy cord.

Dzi beads with 3 stripes represent multiple fortunes to be gained by the owner.  If powered by love of ones self, this bead can offer a great journey.

Amber is known to be a healing stone; balancing emotions, clearing the mind, and releasing negative energy.  A warm stone, it aids in relieving stress by diminishing phobias and fears.  It is also considered a symbol of beauty and tenderness, a good-luck talisman for increasing natural radiance and attracting lasting love.

Bracelet measures about 6.75-7 inches around.  Baltic amber beads are 6mm, Dzi bead measures about 0.8-1 inch.  *Each Dzi is one-of-a-kind, so style and size may vary slightly.