Beautiful Woolen Hand-Crocheted Blanket


Currently 2 left in stock as we await our next shipment from Nepal, so get one while you can!!  Absolutely stunning and hand-crocheted multicolor Woolen blanket from Kathmandu.  The beautiful colors and patterns pop beautifully against the black rimmed edges.  Whether it's a cool summer night or a bitter winter day, laying it out on the grass or wrapping it around your shoulders, every home should have a blanket like this.

Check out the photos to see the incredible stitch by stitch craftsmanship that goes into every one of these handmade blankets.  **Photos of blanket being stitched are to illustrate the handmade process only, and do not reflect the design you will receive.**  Style of blanket available to order is the square pattern with black rim design displayed in the rest of the photos.

Measures approximately 90 by 60 inches.