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Blue Dragon Medicine Buddha Statue

  • This blue Medicine Buddha statue is an exquisite one-of-a-kind master work.  It features intricate hand painted details including a dragon!
  • Made over a 6 to 12 month process involving casting, creating wax molds, making plaster molds for bronze pouring, and then hand detailing and carving before the finishing artists even see the statues.
  • After being hand detailed and expertly carved by master craftsmen, the statue is then sent to the finishing artists to be hand painted with beautiful colors and gold accents.  Each and every detail is truly incredible and takes months to create.

Statue features the Medicine Buddha seated on a lotus platform, holding a vase in the left hand and meditating calmly.  The Medicine Buddha is a deity of compassion and healing.  He is believed to alleviate suffering for mental and physical illness.  Often his image is shown with rays of lapis lazuli light radiating from his crown.

This statue is rich in Tibetan symbolism including: lotus flowers, the Dharma Wheel, a dragon, and swimming fish.  Tibetan dragons are fierce protectors of Buddhism and the dharma.  The Dharma Wheel is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols that represents the turning wheel of Buddha's teachings.  The face of the statue is painted with gold leaf in the traditional manner.  Every hand painted detail is truly extraordinary!

Statue measures approximately 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide at the base.  Handmade in Nepal.