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Tranquil Soul of Tibet Mala


108 blue howlite beads along with vintage inlaid brass spacer beads decorate this traditional style mala.  This bright and bold classic mala is finished with a vintage Tibetan guru bead with brass dorje charm.  The vintage Tibetan beads feature pieces of turquoise and coral inlaid in brass.

Blue howlite is a great stone for reducing anxiety, tension, and stress.  It is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you.  Blue is associated the throat chakra and communication.  Howlite stills the mind and is excellent for sleep and meditation.

Mala measures approximately 34 inches around.  Blue howlite beads are 8mm, vintage spacer beads are about 12mm, guru bead is 14mm.  Dorje charm measures about 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide.  Made in Nepal.