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Bob Burkett Skull Wrist Mala


We are one of the very few shops carrying Bob Burkett beads hand cast in bronze. We added one of his skull beads to a simple Bodhi seed bracelet strung on stretchy cord.

Hand strung in the USA here at the DharmaShop. All beads sourced in Nepal, Thailand and India on stretchy cord made in the USA


Robert Burkettis a world-recognized jewelry maker and has been called the finest beadmaker in America. He works primarily in silver and shibuichi,a Japanese process where silver is mixed with copper to produce stunning arrays of color and form.The pieces below are crafted by hand using the lost-wax casting technique. Highly collectable, his pieces are versatile and affordable while being unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Dharmashop is now also carrying a limited range of Bob Burket designs cast in bronze by an artisan in Thailand. Bob has carved each piece in wax and trained the jewelery maker to insure quality. These new bronze beads are an affordable way to collect Burkett designs.