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Boudhanath Stupa Statue



  • Modeled after the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site!  Its massive mandala makes it one of the largest stupas in the world, featuring Buddha's Wisdom Eyes at the top.
  • Master statue makers cast these authentic Tibetan stupas using the same hand carved molds as their thousand dollar statues.
  • Made of natural tree resins hardened to stone-like consistency.  It's a great addition to any altar area, sacred space, home, or garden.

Boudhanath is an ancient stupa and one of the largest in the world.  It is has become one of the most significant objects of worship in the Buddhist universe as well as one of the most popular tourist sites in Nepal.  When we visit Kathmandu, we love to walk a kora around the stupa while appreciating its rich history and experiencing the powerful spiritual energy.

Measures approximately 7.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. Bottom is hollow for consecration.