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Bright Colored 8 Auspicious Symbols Flags Set of 10

  • We fell head over heels in love with these unique prayer flags on our trip to Nepal in 2015.  We saw them flying at Boudhanath stupa and asked where we could find the people who made the flags.
  • As it turned out, they were made by a small shop we have been frequenting for over a decade!
  • These bright colored polyester flags are silk screened by hand and sewn onto sturdy cotton rope.

Each flag features various Tibetan symbols, mantras and prayers that are traditionally believed to bring happiness, peace, prosperity, good fortune, health and victory over obstacles.  Depicted on these flags are the 8 Auspicious Symbols, the Kalachakra design, and Tibetan animals including a dragon, snow lion and tiger.

Set includes 10 flags that measure approximately 14 by 14 inches.  Entire strand is about 12 feet long.  Handmade of silk screened polyester in Nepal.