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Buddhist Butter Lamp



  • This tiny traditional butter lamp features an authentic Tibetan design and is made in Nepal.
  • Light is an important part of any Buddhist altar. Place this butter lamp next to other incense, spiritual jewelry, or statues to add to the ambiance of your home or altar.
  • In Buddhist practices, each lamp offering celebrates the Buddha's enlightenment.  It is believed to represent the light that emanated from the Buddha's body, guiding the way and lighting the path for all humans toward enlightenment.

Butter lamps are part of daily spiritual practice for Tibetans and are offered during meditation, ceremonies, and special occasions.  They can help to focus the mind and aid in meditation. The soft glow from the lamp represents the pursuit of enlightenment and nirvana.Traditionally, the lamp is filled with oil or butter and a wick and would be kept burning all day.  

Measures approximately 1.75 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide at the top, and 1 inch wide at the base.