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Chakra & Astrology Prayer Flags

  • This set of 10 prayer flags is handmade of cotton in Kathmandu.  Its mantras and imagery come from the ancient Nyingma practices of medicine.
  • Each flag features the physical chakra design along with Tibetan astrological symbols.
  • The physical chakra represents the medicine tree and the twelve zodiac symbols stand for all sentient beings born in the universe.

The mantra in the center of the flag translates to, "May the holder of this chakra be protected from infectious and natural sickness."  It also includes the zodiac symbols, representing all sentient beings, with mantras to protect them from the five elements: fire, earth, iron, water, and wood.  The top of the flag includes a mantra that brings the essence of the whole chakra to be effective for the person who hangs the flags along with all those touched by its presence through the wind.

Set includes 10 flags that measure approximately 9 by 10 inches.  Entire strand is about 8 feet long.  Made of cotton in Nepal.