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Wisdom Eyes Burner

  • Handmade of clay by potters in Kathmandu, this incense burner is great for burning your favorite essential oils or cone incense.
  • These eyes are a constant reminder of the compassion of the Buddha.  They are so prevalent throughout the country that they have become a symbol of Nepal itself.
  • This burner looks great on a coffee table, desk, or small altar.  You can use it as an essential oil diffuser, cone incense burner, or even a candle holder!

To use an oil burner, fill the bowl at the top of the burner with water and place a few drops of essential oils on the water.  Use a tea light underneath the bowl and the water and essential oils will evaporate as steam, letting the aroma of the essential oils fill the room.

Measures approximately 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide.