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Earthy Agate and Rudraksha Double Wrap

  • Our DharmaShop double wrap wrist mala is hand strung here in Detroit and features a combination of moss agate and rudraksha beads.
  • There is something so alluring about moss agate and its variations; each bead is different, and contains its own colorful stone pattern and inclusions.
  • The natural and 100% sustainable seed rudraksha seed beads have amazing texture and visual appeal.

Moss agate is a stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms, and is extremely beneficial as a body strengthener in times of stress.  It is a cleansing crystal, useful for clearing personal energy systems as well as environmental.  When worn close to the body, this stone can bring you strength of heart, mind, body, and soul.

Rudraksha beads are known for their healing properties and protective powers.  By meditating with a rudraksha mala, it is believed to increase the ability to concentrate, giving clarity and peace of mind.

Bracelet measures approximately 7.25-7.5 inches around on stretchy cord.  Moss agate beads are 8mm, rudraksha beads are about 7-8mm.