Eight Auspicious Symbols Cuff Bracelet


Thick sterling silver cuff bracelet with the eight auspicious symbols depicted from one end to the other. Very detailed. One of a kind.

Buddhism has evolved over the centuries a complex, yet discernable scheme of symbolism which has found adequate expression in Buddhist art. Undoubtedly, the most popular of such symbols is the group of eight, known in Sanskrit as 'Ashtamangala,' ashta meaning eight and mangala meaning auspicious. Each of these symbols is also individually associated with the physical form of the Buddha.

These eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism are:

1). A Conch Shell 2). A Lotus 3). A Wheel 4). A Parasol (Umbrella) 5). An Endless Knot 6). A Pair of Golden Fishes 7). A Banner Proclaiming Victory 8). A Treasure Vase

Size: Cuff is 7 1/2 inches around, opening is 1 inch wide. Cuff is 3/4 inch wide.