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Endless Prosperity Dzi Bracelet


This stylish and unique DharmaShop design includes dark rosewood, gorgeous blue agate beads with gold inclusions, and brass spacers.  A 3-eyed, true agate modern Dzi bead centerpiece finishes the bracelet.  The 3-eyed Dzi represents the three stars of luck: happiness, honor and longevity.  It is the bead of wealth, health, and said to bring continuous fortunes.

Metaphysically, agate has a lower intensity and vibrates to a slower frequency than other stones, but is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence.  It is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy, and in harmonizing yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe.  Associated with the heart chakra, rosewood is known for its compassionate and healing energies.

Each bracelet is hand strung on stretchy cord with Dzi beads collected in the last 17 years from Kathmandu, Nepal.  As each bead is handmade, the size, colorization, or design details may vary marginally - please let us choose.

Bracelet measures approximately 6 - 6 1/2 inches around on elastic cord; will stretch to fit most wrist sizes.  Rosewood beads are 8mm, blue agate beads are 12mm.  Dzi bead measures approximately 35mm long and 13mm wide.