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Endless Wisdom Mala

  • This mala is made with a combination of ebony and red wood beads and features a handcrafted brass Endless Knot pendant from Nepal with an antique coral centerpiece.
  • The Endless, or Eternal Knot has special meaning throughout many cultures and can serve as a reminder of interconnectedness and unity.
  • It is one of the 8 Auspicious Symbols that represents the intertwining of wisdom and compassion.

The healing power of wooden prayer beads is often in their scent, which is released and revived with usage.  Wood also provides stability and grounds mentally, physically, and spiritually.  As they are from the earth, they will directly remind you of your connection to nature and your potential to grow.

Mala measures approximately 24 inches around with an adjustable knot.  Beads are about 6mm.  Pendant is about 1 inch.