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Energizing Labradorite Bracelet

  • A stunningly simple bracelet handcrafted with labradorite gemstones and 98% pure Hill Tribe silver accent beads from Thailand.
  • Each bead reveals its own iridescence and shimmers of color.  The endless personality of labradorite makes it one of our favorite gemstones!
  • Each Hill Tribe silver accent is hand stamped with their ancient symbol, the mark of all the chakras together - 6 dots surrounding one central dot.  It is considered a mark of fortune and auspiciousness.

Included in the Labradorite & Moonstone Bracelet Set!

Labradorite carries a pure blue color energy that helps energize the Throat Chakra, allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings with a clear mind.  It is a stone of magic, excellent for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, natural intuition and creativity.  Wearing it will charge you with a sense of excitement and adventure.

Bracelet measures approximately 6.5 inches around on stretchy cord.  Beads are 6-7mm.