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Essential Oil Shaving Bar

  • In 2019, we joined with Herb Nepal, the makers of this amazing shaving bar, to help promote more sustainable, organic agriculture and independent farming in Nepal.
  • The work they do provides training for farmers in sustainable, permaculture methods that will help poor farming communities increase production of healthy herbs and vegetables using the least amount of resources.
  • This process results in healthier living, healthier communities, stronger economies, and, ultimately, a healthier planet.

A note from Christy Cohen:  As the owner of DharmaShop, I get to sample all of our products.  This one is probably my all time favorite!  As a seasoned traveler (back and forth to Nepal annually for sure!), I need to pack light.  I can always use hotel soaps and shampoo but shaving cream isn't easily available.  This bar has changed all of that for me and my husband, Sander.  We can take a shave bar in our luggage, not worry about spillage, and enjoy the amazing essential oils of this shave experience anywhere.  My skin is so smooth after shaving and the mild spearmint fragrance is a perfect, bright scent when I'm trying to get moving in the morning.  I recommend this to anyone for home, travel, gift giving, the gym, or wherever you need a shave!

This bar is great for both men and women!  Made with almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, soyabean oil, sunflower oil, raw peppermint, raw neem, glycerine, and spearmint essential oil.

Size is 2.5" x 2.5" x 1".  Wrapped in eco-conscious butter paper for ideal life-span of the soap.