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Exquisite Elephant Cuff Bracelet


This exquisite elephant cuff bracelet is sure to impress!  Made with .98 Hill Tribe silver, it features absolutely gorgeous hand stamped details on every inch.

The Hill Tribe people used the familiar symbol seen stamped on this bracelet as a code for currency.  It is the mark of all the chakras together - 6 dots surrounding one central dot.  It is considered a mark of fortune and auspiciousness.

The main characteristics of the elephant are strength and steadfastness.  Therefore, it has become a symbol of physical and mental strength as well as responsibility and earthiness.  It is also one of the animals included in the Buddhist story of the Four Friends.  A creature of great strength and size, yet capable of amazing tenderness and intelligence.

Adjustable bracelet.  Front of bracelet measures approximately 1 3/4 inch.