Fierce Mahakala Bodhi Mala

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  • DharmaShop founder, Sander Cohen, helped design this 108 bead bodhi seed mala alongside our artisans in Kathmandu.
  • It's made with 108 high quality bodhi seed beads that have been cut on each end, making them flat in the traditional manner.  Finished with a stunning hand carved water buffalo bone Mahakala pendant and a brass dorje charm.
  • Sander actually sourced these incredible Mahakala pendants on a trip to Taiwan and brought them directly to our mala makers in Nepal, creating a truly exclusive DharmaShop design!  We have only 4 of these malas available, so grab one while you can!

Mahakala's fierce form scares off evil and protects Tibetans.  His image is often seen outside temples.  Wearing, carrying, or meditating with this mala can help protect you from negative thoughts.

Bodhi seed beads can be used for counting all types of mantras as well as other prayers.  These dark-speckled seed beads have special meaning for all seekers of divine wisdom.  "Bodhi" in Sanskrit means enlightenment; as an "enlightened" seed, many practitioners use these malas for their essence and inherent teachings within each seed.

Mala measures approximately 38 inches around.  Beads are about 14-15mm.  Mahakala pendant is about 0.75 inch.  Made in Nepal.