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Fire Bowl



  • Our Fire Bowls are handmade using a truly unique patina process developed by our 4th generation singing bowl artisans in the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Each bowl is hand hammered from plates using a special blend of 7 metals using traditional methods. After the bowl is complete, it is once again put into fire at high temperatures before being brushed with a diluted sulfuric acid solution and immersed in water.
  • This process gives parts of the bowl itself a rose-colored appearance when held in the light and creates a beautiful warm patina.

These bowls are extremely special. Due to the material and patina process, their color can be changed by the atmosphere. As these singing bowls have only been out of the fire for a short while, it can take some time for them to oxidize and achieve their natural color - that's where you come in!

As your Fire Bowl is handled and touched, the oils in your skin will begin the oxidization process and allow the bowls beautiful natural color to shine through! You become a part of the bowl. We consider this special process to be a visual representation of the growth in your practice.The more it is used and loved by you, each bowl will develop its own unique characteristics.

Fire is active energy; it symbolizes passion and power. Fire often represents feelings of warmth, movement, and spiritual radiance. Spiritually, fire can symbolize transformation and rebirth.


Your bowl comes with a wood and suede striker and our purple dragon brocade ring cushion hand stitched and stuffed with up-cycled materials. Comes inside of a DharmaShop keepsake bag.


Bowl measures 6.75-8 inches in diameter.


Check out the recording to hear an example of what your bowl will sound like.Sounds great and recorded with ouHandcrafted Red Wool Mallet